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Want to be a game-changer in Asia's clean energy future?

Fuel your passion for Asia's clean energy future! Join Tara's Talent Pool and connect with a community dedicated to building a thriving Asia powered by renewables.  We actively seek diverse talent with Asian experience or a strong interest in making a regional impact.


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Uncover hidden opportunities: Whether you're actively seeking a new role or simply curious about making a climate impact, we'll keep you informed about exciting opportunities that match your skills and interests.

Get headhunted by our team:  Our recruiters are always looking for people in Asia or with Asian experience.  Registering puts your profile front-and-center, increasing your chances of being contacted for current and future openings.

Be part of the solution: We're an Asian climate foundation building a strong network of diverse professionals. By joining our talent pool, you'll be contributing to creating a more sustainable future for the region.

Stand out from the crowd: Keep your profile updated with your latest qualifications, experience, and language skills (both local and international) to ensure you don't miss a perfect opportunity.

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